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Woman and Dog

Howdy, Its Annie

Owner of We'll Keep Their Tails Wagging Pet and Ranch Sitter

Our aim is to offer exceptional pet care services that ease the worries and concerns of pet owners when leaving their beloved family members with a pet sitter. We strive to provide a stress-free and comfortable experience for pets and livestock alike, ensuring they feel safe and secure while their owners are away on vacation. Our top priority is to deliver reliable and meticulous home services to owners while providing the highest level of affectionate and compassionate care to their pets. We are dedicated to meeting all the physical, emotional, and mental needs of animals during their owner's absence.

Ranch Caretaker braving the weather to take care of horses, cattle and goats

Cool Things to Know About Working with us

Stay In The Loop

Receive updates + visit reports+photos/videos

Enjoy Peace of Mind

20+ years of pet care expertise. Fear-Free Pet Qualified. Committed to staying current on pet care, first aid, and CPR. Your trusted choice for peace of min

Feel Protected

licensed, insured, bonded and can provide a copy of our background screening

Have Fun

Experience is everything to us!

Pet Sitting Service Area


Spring Branch 

Timberwood Park

North San Antonio

Kinder Ranch
Timberwood Park
Bella Oaks
Shepherds Ranch

Copper Canyon
Johnson Ranch



Corderilla Ranch
South Canyon Lake

(Rebecca Creek RD AREA)


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