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House and Ranch Sittings

We'll keep Their Tails Wagging Bulverde House and Ranch Sitter Promise

We promise comprehensive and security  for your property, whether its urban apartment or a sprawling Texas Ranch

Our commitment extends beyond basic tasks; we ensure the well being of your home  and animals, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and reliability. 

Our commitment is about providing peace of mind and maintaining your investment and integrity of your property (Livestock)

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Rates + Info

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As a house and ranch sitter, our role is to ensure the security, maintenance, and well-being of your property and animals while you're away. Our goal as your house or ranch sitter is to provide comprehensive care and peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your time away or to focus on your business trip without worrying about your pets, livestock, security, and maintenance of your property. We tailor all our services to your individual pets, livestock and property

What it includes:

Personalized care and attention tailored to your indoor pets specific needs, ensuring they remain happy, healthy and comfortable while your away

We provide a visible presence, we will conduct regular checks inside and out to identify and address any issues. From leaks, unauthorized access or predators

Immediately emergency response. In case of a burst pipe, power outage, inclement weather not allowing the foreman or ranch hands to access the property. We will act quickly to mitigate the situation and coordinate with you and relevant service providers.

In-home boarding inclusion number 5


Starting at per night


Service Area


Spring Branch



Kendalia House Sitting

Cordillera Ranch 

Mountain Lodge Springs

Texas Hill Country

Travel  anywhere in the US

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